Puddle of Joy

I let go
and all construct and reason flew above me,
useless as I fell.
I felt warm.
Warm darkness, warm earth, warm love, warm embrace.

I waited for the crash of the fall.
And it did not happen.
Huge laughter welled out,
my world changed,
my heart opened
like the smell of good cooking wafting from the kitchen.

I am fine.

I looked around see a tribe of jewels,
each glittering differently, each dark night mysterious,
each as soft as the morning sun on the dew before the festival begins.

And in my kitchen there is the salt of the earth
my friends huddled in the booth,
giggling over tea,
what we make, what we share spread throughout the land
for what we love cannot fit into one hundred rooms
and there are a hundred rooms ready for such giggling.

We spin, we weave, the spider in the stars has a grin.
We dance, we play, we paint our faces and goof around.

The creatures from the other side, the sacred ones
creep into our skins and gleam at one another through our eyes.

There is so much more to us than us,
we, sacred portals, to bow to one another
to hold out our hands, to get up and live
to be brave, to fall down, to take the roll and then

to laugh.

by Tasara

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