Dear Facebook Friend,

Dear Facebook, I hate to have to tell you this, but the real world misses me. I want to still be friends but I cannot see you as often. It’s not me, it’s you. It is definitively you. You suck as a friend. I never see you at my kitchen table. I never hear your calls. When I am around you, I … Continue reading

Raven Speaks

The Raven, she is relentless. She won't shut up and she makes no sense to those that have not tested their trail. She is loud, even in her scrapes because every sound that comes from her, rings of the truth. Truth we don't want to hear. Truth we bleed for. Truth of the spaces we missed, … Continue reading

Blood Orange Sun

The world I hold in my heart is crumbling into ash as the fires burn in Canada. The world I hold in my heart slowly dissolves as continents’ edges drown in hurricanes. One end cracks under the heat while the other snaps in the cold. There is no place to hide from our sins against the … Continue reading

Final Reprise

PART ONE: When the warrior finally reaches the green pastures and sunny meadow, when the warrior puts her weapons down, she feels the heat rise from within her and lies down to rest under the high grass, smell of lyrical flowers. Further no purpose, no quarry in sight, she dreams of … Continue reading