Hollow Bone

Being a hollow bone is not a concept. It is availing one’s body to the spirits to be used as a vessel for the healing spirits to come through and do their work for the good of others. It is dedicating one’s life to the continual retransformation, clarity and care of this vessel so that it may … Continue reading

Raven II

The Raven, she embodies the hollow night. She sits in the blindness next to you, quiet, yet unspeakably noticed. She peers into the spaces between your bones, and she sees everything about you. She sees it all, and then she envelops you with great comfort. A glow escapes her feathers, whose … Continue reading

Peak Spiritual Experiences

Peak Spiritual Experiences are meant to open our minds, our hearts and our bodies to a new way of being. They can be found through shamanic journey, planned ceremony, fire walks, relationship with entheogens, meditation, fasting, exertion.. and sometimes we knocked over by them spontaneously. They … Continue reading

After a Soul Retrieval

After a soul retrieval, a person can feel elated, buzzing with energy, emotional, having a sense of 'being in their body', a shift in physical sensations, a wonderful sense of groundedness. Of coming home. Home to self. It is beautiful beyond words. Directly after a soul retrieval, a person can … Continue reading