A Window (or What the Fuss is About)

Just imagine. Imagine that there is a person who wants to touch you. In their desire to touch you, they may be physically attracted to you but they are drawn to you because of the substance of your character. They are intrigued, fascinated, awed and inspired by the light that you hold inside yourself. Even if you can’t see it every day, they can. They appreciate your strength and your curiosity, your intelligence and your demeanor. This person knows that there are plenty of visually attractive people around, but they are looking for something nourishing and life-giving – as well as receiving.

This person doesn’t want to touch you in order to get something for themselves and take away. They are struck with a desire to know you more deeply. They want to enter the mysteries of what makes up you. They know that when they touch you, that the both of you will be sharing each other’s personal energies, and the two you will learn about each other in ways unspoken, with so many layers opened through the intimacy that the dang thing can’t be considered anything else but sacred. You will both be vulnerable, they know.

Because of this, this person wants to make sure that it is ok with you for them to touch you. So they ask, not like a child in a candy store asking for a free sample, but as a person holding a gift and a promise of respect while knocking on another person’s door.

Imagine you say yes and you find yourself in shared space with someone that does not want to go ahead or fall back. Rather, you are in a space with someone that is delighted to be with you. There is a timelessness that is held with care, and if you freeze or drift away, this person will stop until you find your way back. They may even call you back. They may even ask you where you were, because they want to know you better and learn how to cherish you best. They want to hold you high through all kinds of your days.

Imagine there was no stigma around the word ‘no’ in this space, only love. It is a clear, creative space, all media-induced templates left behind.

Imagine feeling a million things through merely holding this person’s hand and speaking softly. Imagine not caring if you ‘only’ hold hands all night.

Imagine what it is like to be touched and to be known.


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