About Tasara

Tasara is an earth-based magical practitioner, spirit-walker and healer, sacred artist and community organizer. She has been teaching spirit-walking, healing practices and holding earth-based public ceremonies in the Seattle area since the mid-90’s. She passionately believes in the necessity to rebuild our sense of community and love for ourselves, each other, the spirits and mother earth.

Tasara has studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and has had the honor of being deeply moved by the teachings of many loving, powerful neo-shamanic people: Betsy Bergstrom for Mediumship and Depossession, Janine Ellison in her foundational and Extraction healing, Tom Cowan in Celtic Shamanism,  Anank Nunink Nunkai from Ecuador, Miguel Kavlin from Bolivia, Isa Gucciardi in Depossession, mentor and friend John LawrenceSandra Ingerman for Soul Retrieval, Leslie Conton for many, many classes as well as Bhola Banstola from Nepal, Sangoma John Lockley from South Africa, Christiana Harle from Finland.

She no longer uses the words ‘shaman’ or ‘shamanic’ in her practices, out of respect for indigenous peoples.

Tasara has been published in many publications, including:
All Things Healing
, Druid’s Egg, Pan Gaia, Open Ways and the Women of Wisdom Enews.
She also had a column in
Sibyl Magazine called “There is Healing in the Garden” for a year.

As a Drum Facilitator and Sacred Flute Player, she started Turtle Spirit Jam, a sacred flute/didj/drum/dance/song circle and is available to host drum circles for your gatherings.

As sacred visual artist, earth-based healer and ceremonial practitioner and writer since she could put words on paper, she is honored that you would spend your time here.

Some things are old, some are new and some are very, very old – despite the date stamp.


You can reach Tasara at:

May you break free from the patterns that bind you.