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A Change in Words

I am going through the process of removing the word “Shamanism” from my online presence. I will not be changing completed articles but moving forward, there will be a new language which reflects the truth of my practice, which is not based in any culture but the land before me and the spirits who love me.

Bringing the word to the West in order to teach crucial spiritual wisdom has served it’s purpose. Now we see that certain ways of relating to spirit, the land and our communities is a core human way of being. We do not need to source from other cultures for this knowledge. We have been handed off through our initiations to our own spiritual friends and allies as our teachers and healers. We have learned to walk our path, drink from the wells and find our ceremonies through our personal relationships with them. We share what we find with each other and collectively, we grow. This is the way of humans, stars and earth.

Grateful to all the many people’s of the world for their contributions and wisdom. Weaving on and at home with the medicine of the land.

Blessed Be.

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Skeleton II

This life,
ever fought for,
sought for,
sacrificed for,
runs fresh through my veins.

Instills my body to movement before I have the option to think.

I am alive once more.
What I gained on the other side astounds me.
This glowing rock,
this molten lava,
this star bursting from my chest,
it is not meant to be beared but shared.

In stillness
I cave within and fester my insides. In movement, there is booming resounding around me, from me somehow.

This compass,
its magnet has become so strong,
it is only trouble to ignore.

What will I do?
What will I do?

I do not know but I will discover it right in the doing.

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