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The Season of Goodness

(Imbolc, 2020) Blessed Imbolc, my companions. The Earth, she turns for us. For the North, ’tis Spring – for our relatives in the South, Fall. We notice the buds on the trees, the longer stands of sun, the song of returning birds, the budding of flowers…and the unprecedented outpouring of generosity. The deep mother hands the reins to the gentle father and we are on. Here comes the sun. ’Tis the Season of Goodness.
Now is the reign of the Sun, who pulls us gently towards his heat, who is soon to intoxicate us with offerings of new life. May our expressions be joined with these forces that reach ever upward at this time. May we be slow, to listen, be wooed into the magic and be lulled by the song of our own hearts. There is much to fear, yet the season of life continues. What passion rises in you? How may you share it with the rest of us?
Now is the time to express. Blessings on our journey through these times. Please, Spirits of Kindness, look over us. Stand by those under ventilators, isolated from their worried families.
Make visitation with our distraught families, soothing, circulating through the empty spaces, putting the old things to rest. Rest deeply with our medical providers and give our leaders strength as they navigate the governmental powers on our behalf. Remind us to listen for the Spring in each other’s hearts, to breathe deeply, to wait for the silence in our conversations, to bridge the long held distance we have had while jostling so close together. May we learn to integrate with our hearts this time, as is in our nature, as is in the nature of nature, to grow. To continue on in newness each time. The seeds are in the air, looking for fertile ground.
Open, my friends. Receive, take root and blossom for us. We need you.
Blessed Be. ~ Tasara

Unraveling the Curse of Original Sin

One of the greatest curses cast upon the human race in the last few thousand years is the concept of original sin. Some religions insist it is incurable. Others claim that it can be wiped clean with baptism. Regardless of theological interpretations, many of us who are laypeople carry a deep-seated sense of being an awful, rotten, bad person. Shame is the great motivator for many of our actions, often without our realizing it. This curse struck not only those who believed in original sin, but everyone else too, as it was distributed through the collective psyche. Too often, events, people and situations are qualified as good or bad, which traps them in a fixed state, not allowing them to be multi-dimensional. When we are good, we can look down on the bad, while still afraid of being bad. When we are bad, we can never be good. Either way, we cannot grow. I cast down this curse. You are not bad. There is no mark on your soul…. Tasara Jen Stone More in The Ancient Bones of Ceremony, found in paperback and eBook at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Audiobook in production.

Perching Before Samhain

Grandmother pulls her shroud
and the rains, the warm rains,
it rains inside this endless cup of grey.

Grandfather blows his crisp leaves
and the smell, the earthly smell, 
the smell brings me to myself.

Tis the blessed season of endless twilight, 
of richly dressed sunrises,
of memories fine, memories drawn,
memories, ancient borne,
come from the crack of the horizon.

As I gaze through branches brown,
sienna tangled in my hair
I know my home, my home,
my earthly, earth home.

She waits for me in the shape of a rook,
on the other side,
in a cave,
in the dank
the darkness.

And I savor the moment, her beckoning,
for she is no longer my huntress, my dread.
She is my mistress, my mother, my crone.

For I have been through canyons dark, seen mirrors sharp.
I have walked the valley of the dead,
been tangled on the rocks with no matter,
I have been, again and again.

Under the wraiths’ long cry,
the songs I could not hear
the banshee did not lie,
and then I found my footing.

She has shown me the way, through myself and back again.
And this time.. I relish the time, the time.


The White Bird Rising

I am the white bird rising, she who rose in the sky over my body when I was down, whose feathery gust sent grace into my life.

I have listened to the cackling of crows.

I have risen from the cauldron with the white raven,

and now, I am told, it is time to be these things I so love,

to fly.

to bless.

to spread grace.

The Bundle of Songs

Now that you have taken the journey with The Ancient Bones of Ceremony, I have created a place for you to add your own inspired ceremonies to the collective Bundle of Songs. Hold the essence of your ceremony in your hand, blow it into a seashell, and place it here, so we may all grow together. Feel free to tell the story about how it came to be and how enacting it changed you, or just offer the bare bones. Whatever feels right.
Blessed Be. Tasara

Embracing the Fullness

It has become commonplace to describe energy, people, places and situations as high vibration or low vibration. In these scenarios, typically high means positivity while low means toxic. This is a major misconception that not only robs us of the incredible healing properties of the low pulse of the planet but it encourages us to call names, rather than respond with compassion. Instead of high and low, what we really mean is clear or muddy, flowing or stagnant, cohesive or jumbled. Life is more complicated than high or low. We know this from Mother Nature, our great teacher. Just like a healthy river, energy needs to flow. Sometimes hardship takes us down and we don’t want to get up. We stay down long after we need to. We cannot let go because there is nothing new coming in. With stagnation comes sickness. Sometimes the events in our lives pile up on top of each other and without the opportunity to process them, we are all jumbled up inside.
The concept of high and low energy is an expression of our addictive society projected into twisted dogma. It encourages us to go for the adrenaline rush, the dopamine, when truly, happiness and peace is marked more often by the cooling of any drama at all. The highs and lows process through, always moving. Everything is moving, noticeably or not. There is a fluctuation between clarity and complexity, purity and mixture and mud. It is all part of nature and we humble humans are a part of it.
Even when we realize that lower frequencies have divinity, and we try to honor the divine of above and the divine of below at the same time, the dichotomy can make it difficult to fathom both at once.
Instead, think of a giant of a tree, its branches fluttering in the sweet wind, while its roots hold firmly underground. And in-between, there is so much more. There is the long trunk, protruding feet upon the earth, and there is reaching everywhere, expressing various stages of growth. This is all the same being, and in its purest state, its vibration is a multi-faceted melody, rich with overtones, lifting off the floor of a gorgeous, deep bass tone.
We, unlike other creatures, are natural mediums, meant to carry a wide spectrum. If the energy of a human is consistently one thing, like the songs of the angels or the deep pulsing with heartbeat of the planet, octaves below our range of perception, it is out of balance. Just as lack of flow can create sickness, so too can imbalance.
Rather than thinking of highs and lows, think of clarity, like a sound engineer does as she sits behind the sound board, drawing the saxophone into its own pocket of the frequency scale and shaping the sound of the drums. She is adds just the right amount of snare and lets the highest notes roll over the top. Then she mixes in few choice effects and all those voices come together to create an amazing musical experience, because there is enough space between each of the instruments to hear them all perfectly.
The energy in an environment or in a person can be perceived as prickly. It can be diffuse. It can be stretched thin or it can be a cry for help. Energies can be jovial, even raucous. They can make you feel like prowling or howling. They can be many things. Because of the breadth of our life experiences, energy that is toxic to one person may not be to another. It may be amusing, or make us feel lonely and sad. It may instill one to hold space with compassion. It may be refreshing. It’s more accurate to talk about our perceptions and reactions than to try to put a label on someone else’s state of being.
Instead of calling something or someone toxic or low vibration, let’s instead be more accurate. Let’s instead say things like, ‘This environment feels heavy and makes me think of a memory I wish I could forget,’ or ‘That person seems angry and depressed’, or ‘The whole situation is pushing my buttons and I need some space to unravel my feelings’. We do not need to be open to all the energies around us. We can choose to close so we can figure out what we need. We can choose to bloom into a state of giving and receiving. We can take care of ourselves. And we can give grace to those around us to be themselves, allowing them to find their way on their own special journey.
We are free. We can see things as they are and still be ok. We do not need to leave our earthly bodies to experience the divine. We are all fine, right here where we are, tumbling, unraveling, flowing, dancing and falling back down once more. This is where we are. The magic is here.

How Can I Help?

If we truly believe that we are connected as one consciousness, we cannot turn away from the children wrenched from their parents at the border. If we truly believe that we are one, we cannot wait for the movement to save our environment. If we know in our hearts that every one of our actions ripples out into the greater collective, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and refuse to listen to what is happening in the world. There is a young black man crying in his prison cell, missing his family and wondering how on earth he could’ve been convicted for a crime he did not commit. He needs you. There is a homeless person not far from your house searching for a place to feel safe, who holds their own special story, and needs your help navigating. As the orcas starve in waters and the bears search for food, malevolent industries continue to take. Do not feel despair. The overwhelming emotions that you feel, are you trying to bury as you flip through your social media pages, as you drown yourself in late-night TV, as you reach for a bottle or a pipe or the latest medication, these emotions will not go away. They are screaming to be let out. If you do not let them out, they will make you sick. They will create a blanket of depression and no solutions will be found. The longer we wait, the worse it will get. We think we are helpless but that far, far from the truth. The truth is, the real truth is that together we have more a power than all of these destructive forces put together. We have heard it again and again, so much that we have become numb to its truth. Each of us has a part to play and though no one part can shift the tides, our own part can only be played by our own true heart. First, we must speak our emotions. There is great fear speaking about politics in our country, fear of conflict, but the conflict is already here. It is up to us to find solutions. When we speak our emotions, not only do we give others permission to speak their emotions but we open the valve inside us. The power rushes out. As we process our feelings, our minds naturally look to solutions. We need not find the one great solution. We need find what our hearts are asking us to do. The mystery of the oneness between us will take care of all the rest. Each of our parts will magically synthesize into tides change. I don’t need to ask you to believe me because I know that you know this is true. We say that we don’t have enough time in our busy lives, but the time that we spend, the energy we invest in trying to get away, once turned, will change the world. The reality is that if we don’t all take our part now, our species will die and we will take all the other species down with us into the darkness. Prayer and ceremony are needed, but we need more right now. Our hearts know it, too. Do you need to volunteer? Do you need to donate? Do you need to take food to the next big meeting? Do you need to march in the streets? Do you need to write some letters? Do you need to mentor the young? Do you need to build a tool for others to use? Whether you do it by yourself or with others besides you, you are still in the One. Rejoice in the fact that millions of others are working with you in their own unique way. Blessed be. Blessed be.

New Book: The Ancient Bones of Ceremony

I have returned from the cauldron.
I have been dreaming, transcribing, laughing over the memories,
crying with frustration, reveling in the discoveries and
being prompted by my editor,
again and again, to go further and further.

It is the best of me. It is better than me, for it has a soul.
And from the bottom of my heart,
I wrote it for you.

This book has no recipes for ceremony. Instead it takes you on a journey through each stage of creating ceremony, so you can deeply understand the energetics of what makes a ritual powerful…and never need a recipe again.
Many thanks to those of you who came to the book launch and book soul blessing on Aug 1st, Lammas at 3rd Place Books in Ravenna.
PAGAN PRIDE in Seattle: October 12th 1-2:30
CRESCENT MOON BOOKS in Tacoma: October 20th, 4-5:30pm
EAST WEST BOOKSHOP in Seattle: November 10th, 3-4:30pm
More to come..
BOOK DESCRIPTION: The Ancient Bones of Ceremony: Remembering the Heartfelt Ways
Learn to Create Meaningful, Life-Changing Ceremonies.    Step into the mysteries of the ancient ways as you travel on an allegorical journey to explore the many dynamic aspects of what makes a ceremony transformative for yourself, your family and your community. Weddings, rites of passage, baby blessings, funerals, yes, and also life changes that are not typically honored: loss of relationship, divorce, new home, new job, eldership and retirement. For many of us, the formats provided by higher authorities are not enough, and imitating traditions of other cultures is controversial. We need to return to the bare bones of ceremony and create transformative events that are personalized to our own lives and the culture we live in. This is where our power lies. With Tasara Stone’s careful guidance, you will learn to:
  • Identify your heart’s yearning and turn its message into a pure, ceremonial intention
  • Create beautiful metaphors and symbolic language to express your heart’s need
  • Invoke and maintain sacred space
  • Perform ceremony with effective, safe practices
For public ceremony you will learn to:
  • Identify community needs and desires
  • Empower others to participate in the ceremony-creation process
  • Manage large groups of people when the energy is unpredictable
  • Hold ethical and safe space for others
Tasara Stone’s lyrical writing, which includes prayers, blessings, and paeans of gratitude, transports us to a sacred landscape where our heart’s needs are treated with utmost care. We tune into the light that glows at our core, connecting us to all of life. We spend time with Mother Earth and her elemental spirits, who teach us to walk the sacred spiral path. We learn about the importance of aligning ourselves with the cycles of growing and dying, accepting and letting go. Only with this wisdom and love can we craft and experience ceremonies that are truly transformative. Tasara Stone offers us not only a practical guide, she gives us a powerful and moving experience of the energies that will nourish our practice. Her words root us in the very soil out of which ceremony grows. Fully engaged, heart, mind, body and soul, we come to understand how the wisdom of ancient times can help us cultivate an authentic spiritual practice in the midst of modern life. This is another essential gift of The Ancient Bones. As we contemplate the lies and distortions that bombard us daily, we come to understand ceremony as a way of creating alternative stories for ourselves, ones that give our lives true meaning. Access The Sweetness Within You. Sing Your Song. Shine Your Light.
You can buy this book in hard copy or e-book at all the major online retailers.
It is also available in the IngramSpark bookseller database for your local bookstore to order.
If it touches you, your honest reviews on the big bookseller sites would surely give the soul of this book a lift!


Inside me,
you will find only black rock

borne from the storm
that day,
under the shawl
when the raven never left me
and winds tore at my soul,

polished in the heat
of the fire
you set
before you ran.

You will find basalt,
for the agony has
left me

at peace.

You cannot push me anymore.

You cannot have my blood
and this rock will not move for you.

You will mislead me no longer,
my song will not change for you

because it is my song,
the one which can be no other,

this song,

my life’s


Here, springs a flower,
alacritous, luscious.

It will be tended
by only
with all the wisdom I have.

It is no longer open
to your viewing,
for its soil
will not be poisoned
by your throes
to avoid
the silent
of your wounds.

My mind grew keen,
in the forges,
the mastery of my beauty
– you chose not to see –

This sovereign land,
held strong
in ancient customs
of honor
is closed
to you.

You are not welcome here.

Not because you are bad, but
because your shape will no longer fit
with mine.

I have no need or reason to reach
for a black hole

for my heart is a rock,
a gate,
a flower.

Your door is elsewhere.

– Tasara

Skeleton II

This life,
ever fought for,
sought for, sacrificed for,
runs fresh in my veins,

It shifts my body before the notion to do so arises.

I am alive.
What I gained on the other side,
this glowing rock,
this molten lava,
this star bursting from my chest,
is not meant to be beared, but shared.

In stillness, I would cave and fester.
In movement, a booming echoes around me, from me somehow.

The magnet of my compass has grown so strong,
it is more trouble to ignore, now, than to follow.

What will I do?
What will I do?

I will discover in the doing.

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