The Power of Words – The Advanced Course and the Firing of the Word Police

We cast spells with every word we speak. The words around us can wrap us, bind us, free us.


Word, words, words. Words have power.

The words we surround ourselves with, the words that come out of our mouths, our computers, our songs, our media, they shape us, they weave us, they form our world both inside and out.

Words are power. Their sounds, their meaning, their iteration and the intention of the speaker all packaged together become a force of creation as their meaning takes the ethereal and transforms it into a thing that can be grasped. This thing becomes, and then has it’s own power. It’s being ripples out to the world and at the same time, it’s being makes itself known to other beings, that can now manipulate it, as there is an ‘is-ness’ from which to react, to deflect, to attack.

Getting deep pretty fast? The simplest guidelines when utilizing the Power of Words are “Speak only in the positive.” And “Cease all negative talk.” But this truly is simplified, as this power we are talking about is multi-dimensional and needs to be understood with more depth.

There are some realities though.

“I am ____” statements have huge powers of manifestation, not only in the words themselves but in our own belief system about ourselves.. as well as other people’s who hear us talking. The belief system causes us to react as if what was said is so, reinforcing the concretness of a negative form that did not have to be formed in the first place.

So, saying negative things about oneself is exactly the same thing as cursing oneself. It is serious business. It is something that at some point in our lives, we all must just stop or we can’t continue further. How can we go further when we are moving up hill against the wind with a shock of darts coming our way that we ourselves set off?

Let’s look at the statement. “I don’t have my act together.” When we say that, we have locked ourselves into a definition. Failure. Don’t. Feel the energy signature of that. It is complete. Final. No way out. Saying such a thing is a death sentence. It is also giving up. It is saying, “I don’t want to put energy into living.” It is suicide.

What if instead of saying something like, “I don’t have my act together.” we said, “I would really like to ____.” and focused on our dreams? Created a tunnel for which that passion to come out? How would that feel?

But really, what if someone cried “I am a failure!” as an expression of self-amused exasperation? It may feel like a relief to get that feeling out and say it with vigor! Imagine, “I am a failure!” loudly said with laughter afterwards. Which had more power, the words or the intention? Our feeling in our bodies when we hear and say the words gives us the truth of the direction of the words, so… when we listen to ourselve and others, we need to listen to more than the words.

When we call oneself or another person a name, it’s the same way. We are freezing that person into a shape, not allowing them to change and grow, to be inconsistent, to wonder, to be wonder, to be unpredictable. If we paint a picture of someone in our heads of being a certain way, then we will always react to them as if they are, reinforcing that behavior and disallowing them to just be.

On the other hand, if we have a friend who is caught in unconscious self-cursing and we start reflecting back to them the beauty that we truly do see, their self-image weakens. See the light pour in. See the laughter.

Pretty different from making your friends feel bad for making themselves feel bad. That kind of compounds things.

Saying positive things creates a positive field. It shifts the dimensions of reality so that the possibilities of the future are expanded.  People, connections, physical objects and opportunities are drawn towards the projected field like a magnet. Words are an amazing force of manifestation, they really are. When we tell everyone we know about the dreams we are moving towards, those dream magnets become magnified as they pass through all those other people’s awareness, as they hold you in the same light you are projecting. That’s not even talking about all the stuff that comes from practical human networking.

Getting into the practice of saying positive things isn’t about candy-coating harsh realities. It is about looking at reality with a broader scope and pulling out the things we like about it and making them bigger. It can help break old habits of focusing on the pain and teach us to tend a garden of joy, the seeds of which were always here. It is a beautiful thing. But…. no rules. We love our dark sides as much as the shiny stuff too.

So, as we see, every force has a balance point. An imbalanced use of naming, as we have discussed, can create malforms, but there is another phenomena that can happen, too. This is the lack of naming energy forms that are already wreaking havoc. If something is around that is taking a lot of space and energy and it is not life-giving, it will continue to do so until it is named. Naming something brings it out of the dark. It allows us to understand it, form opinions, have relationship with it, lose our fear of it, love it and allow it to transform.

Imagine how the world changed when we came up with names like “alcholism” and “domestic abuse” instead of “That’s just the way men are.”? Will it really be useful to recite positive affirmations in the middle of a PTSD episode if the emotions coming up are new and have never been processed?

We all know that if something weird is going on with a friend that to name it and bring it out sometimes helps whatever it was go away. Sometimes it’s better to let such things lie, though. Some things that are uncomfortable are only passing and to bring them out would only make them bigger than they need to be. Delicate, that power of naming.

There is a big difference between someone saying, “I am a failure.” And someone saying, “I feel like a failure.”

Even bigger difference between someone hearing the first sentence and replying with the scold, “You shouldn’t say that about yourself!” Or someone replying with compassion, “I hear that you feel that way but do you really believe it? I see something totally different. I see something magnificent!”

Despite all of this, Intention is everything and though Words have Power, Intention Trumps All. Words are a strong contender and can put its teeth in a strong intention but the force of Intention will always come through a little stronger.

Sometime people say awful things because it’s fun. Because it is satire. Because they grew up in a culture where such phrases are commonplace and don’t hold so much power. “Fuck you!” with a big smile can mean “I love you, you rascal.” “Shut up!” screamed with a feminine lilt, “No way!” meaning “I  like it!”…. see. Words have power but what the f*** are people really trying to say?

So, that said, “I love ya, fuck y’all now and good night.”

by Tasara

…. (it could be a draft. it could be a rant. it could be what it is. don’t know. haven’t figured it out.)

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