Clearing the Medicine Channels

As long as many of us are sitting around at home these days, I want to bring up something that causes spiritual gunkiness. I do still work full time, but the free time I have is mysteriously vacuous. That is why I am able to write this.

There is a law of energy which states that while we are in our human bodies, there is a limited amount of attention we are able to give. It’s similar to the limited amount time we have per day, but balanced with our energy levels. No kidding, right? Pretty boring. Tell me something new.

Well, I won’t tell you anything new, but take a good look at your altar. Is it cluttered? Is there stuff there, that has blank or dead energy? Take it off, then, and see how your altar feels. Look at your medicine bundles, talismans and sacred items, on your shelves, in your drawers. Are you in the plenty with magical items?

Now ask yourself, “If I were going to give proper care to all of these amazing beings, do I have the time to do all that?”

Which items are not even energetically open to you, and which are sleeping, waiting for another chapter in your life? The ones that are not open to you simply do not belong in your house anymore. Heck, I know this. I kept a gorgeous crystal for ten years trying to like it, trying to connect with it, but it wasn’t until I gave it away that it came to life. Years later, it was returned to me and my relationship with this stone person was totally different.

There is a difference between hosting a family of helping spirits and collecting amazing items because they are beautiful. As practitioners, we are tenders and students of the talismans we keep. The stone people need conversation and clearing, or they will remain static. Talismans need recharging, animal totems need offerings and they all need love. Our relationships in our magical support team need to be constant, in and out of ceremony and developed over time. So, just as there can be too many cooks in the kitchen, too many lovers, there can be too many teachers, too many children, too much medicine.

I’m thinking, healers in subsistence living probably only have as many magical tools as they can carry in a satchel, or for community ceremonies, what their assistants can bring along with them. The core of a healer’s power is in a raw hunger for connection with the Spirits of Kindness, an inextricable relationship with the earth. The rest, though sometimes truly critical, is supportive.

Having all this stuff can create a heaviness in the air. They sit there and breath in and breathe out and don’t say very much. The crowd can cause us to have superficial relationships with many spirits, while our deeper relationships are neglected. This can make it difficult to enter clear, strong invocational spaces. We might feel a longing for the times when we felt the spirit running strongly in our bodies. It can be confusing when beginning ritual if we are not sure which items are needed. There can be an oppression of choice, instead of feeling our old friends leap off the altar.

If this hits home for you and you are thinking, “Yes! I need to gift my medicine items!”, keep reading.

There is a proper way to move magic. If you are moving stones, love them and and clear them. There might be energies in them that you don’t want to pass on to your friends – lingering emotions, stuff from old ceremonies. If you are parting with a talisman created for a specific reason, perhaps it serves no more purpose. Perhaps it needs to be dismantled, returning its energies to earth, air, water, fire. Put that time of your life to rest with gratitude and new understanding. Seashells might want to go back to the sea, stones back to the great outdoors. If it is a totem, sit quietly with it in sacred space and whisper to it your feelings. Ask it where it wants to go. Then when you gift it to someone, don’t expect them to keep it. Magical items are just that, magical. It might take a few passes for them to wind up where they need to go.

It’s a lot of work, right? Yeah, that’s what I am thinkin’, when I look around my sacred space at all the preciousness I have collected and feel stuffy. Too much work.

It’s time to lighten the load, keep the energy moving and open up our lives for new inspiration, new vision and a new sense of freedom.

Blessed Be.

Tasara Jen Stone

2 thoughts on “Clearing the Medicine Channels”

  1. The observations and suggestions are perfect! Reflecting on my stuff, and processing what stays what goes, has been really big for me this last month of sheltering in place. I really appreciate the suggestions about how to respectfully release things, with the integrity to honor them for what they are in our life, and how they have supported us.

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