Happy LItha

Happy Litha, my friends!

This sabbat, this season is about the much lost energy of benevolent male sovereignty. This is the day of the power of the Emperor, the King (not the lord or the prince).

artist unknown

I intentionally use an image of a white man, because this is where we need these energies revival the most.

Men, when one has undergone the trials and tribulations of society pushing one into a role which you do not believe is true to your heart, after you learn how to fight – and win, because you were told to, once you have earned your throne and have had the responsibility of tending to others thrown upon you, then the unexpected. sheer weight of this responsibility should be awe-inspiring.

The true role of the Emperor, the King, is to not hold power, but rather to channel it to where it is needed, to keep the power flowing so it does not become stagnant. When one has faced one’s own suffering with an open heart, one is able to understand other’s suffering, to build bridges between peoples and to celebrate the gifts and talents of all members of our diverse country.

See the vulnerability in this King’s expression. This is how it should be. When we are too sure, we are not growing. We are not able to be responsive to what is before us. The agility of the warrior, later in life becomes alacrity of mind and heart.

This great power is not the same as the Goddess power. It is different, and they are both needed. Yes, it is crucial to continue to feed the resurgence of the feminine, but this is in order to restore balance, in our relationships and within ourselves. None of us can fully heal until there is balance.

Today, we focus on the archetype of the Great Father, Husband and Benevolent King.

So I send my prayers to the winds today, that our men become deep listeners, intense, unmired contemplators. That they do not throw down their weapons or their masculinity but they instead look to the wisdom inside themselves and around them to stand up in a new power, one which is generous and kind, and defends the rights of all people.

Blessed Be, and may the Strength of the Sun Shine in your life today.

Tasara Jen Stone

artist Brian Froud

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