Listen to the Spirits of Kindness

Those whispers urging you to go for a walk, to eat better food, knock off the sugar, those nudges to call that person you’ve been neglecting, to turn off the screen and get up off the couch…

Do you see flashes of your favorite park sometimes?
Do you miss the rush of wind in the trees?
Do you truly believe in the spirits? Are you listening?

As a shamanic journeyer, do you ever feel a pull to journey?
I dreamed recently that a totem was asking me to let her in. She told me my life would be so, so-oo much easier if I did. So, the next day I found a candle molded in her form and placed it on my work-from-home desk. I invited her and thanked her presence into the stress of my life, and my whole outlook on life shifted like magic. I am so grateful. I will mark this. I will remember.

If you have been trained in shamanic journey and want your relationship with the Spirits if Kindness to deepen, you need to listen when they are trying to get your attention. Let them in. Engage. It takes very little time. This authentic communication will always spark something good. Change will ripple through your tapestry.

The spirits miss you. They don’t judge, and they are not mad. They just miss you.

The spirits are telling me to say to you,

And don’t skimp when you come to visit us! Creating the sacred space and tapping into your center is more important than anything else. Use repetitive rhythm, not music. Cover your eyes so you can go deep. Then draw out your journey into the mundane by journaling so you don’t miss the juicy parts. Take action as soon as possible if action is asked for in the journey.

The spirits say,

It doesn’t matter what you journey on, all the questions lead to the same answers.

They are saying,

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the methods and spiritual books and tools. Keep it simple and your practice will be clear and strong.

So that’s my public service announcement. There is always help on the other side, even when we don’t feel like listening. Give it a shot and see what happens.

Blessed Be,

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