Box of crystal beads, mixed with salt for purificaiton

Returning My Crystals To The Earth

Lately, I have taken to driving for hours in search of the right high mountain road, where I can return my crystals to the earth. I have been picking through my crystal beads, asking, This one? Yes. This one? Not yet., mixing the yeses together in a box, with salt for purification, in preparation for when they will be released to the waters. I am thinking ways to let them be wild, where no human will catch them.

Box of crystal beads, mixed with salt for purification
Box of crystal beads, mixed with salt for purificaiton

I am not infusing them with prayers or directing their energy into any configuration. I am not even making proclamations. I am saying, Here. This is yours. Be at peace. Knit yourself back together, now.

This is my act of love. Mother Earth needs no more.

It all started with a group journey to the Spirits of Kindness. We were asked to go the ley lines of the Earth and ask if there was anything we could do to help. I saw them, so beautiful..

Immediately, a loud voice shouted, again and again, “STOP BUYING CRYSTALS”.

Now, I had done my stopping of buying crystals years ago, but I started up again recently. I already knew. In my journey, I saw images of the land being gouged by the mines. The destruction. The dissipation of the earth’s power centers.

I knew this was a message I need to listen to, and at the same time, I also was conflicted.
I asked, What about the magnified power and healing we get from them, each in their own way?
The answer was: If you have ever known a crystal, you can always tap into it again. It’s like knowing a mudra.

I asked: What about the ones I already own?
In answer, I felt a deep desire from the crystals to go back into the earth. They can’t communicate, connect with all the others, be charged, do their thing when they are trapped in all these little boxes we call homes. I could see that if I had my own backyard, I could put them down and visit them there still. But I don’t have my own backyard. I was told to journey more about it and take my time learning how to transition out.

In the weeks after this journey, I have been slowly and silently guided by the Spirits of Kindness to find alternative magics. See, I use crystals a lot for protection and I need to be taught some other ways. I am in my home, often gazing at crystals, asking, You? Where How? Thank you.

I have found that different stones desire different things, so I listen, and listen. I am not getting rid of all my jewelry in a fell, unthinking swoop. I am listening. I am learning so many things. The stones that have been locked away say to me, See how well you have done without me!

I do not hope that my short post here compels you to purge every stone person in your house. I only hope that it reminds you to listen.

Blessed Be.

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