Pandemic Mabon

We have entered the land of the She
and the sun, she has slipped past, is making her way into the darkness.
She is taking with her
our dreams,
our dead,
our ideas of who we think we are,
and what we think would have happened.

Now in the second harvest, we see the truth
what we have gained
what we have lost
and what has never been all along,
the illusions.

Mourn like the rain for those we have lost.
Let it be easy, like the cool river
as she flows in the darkness.

Let fly free with the crows
your plans and visions which are not so.

There is much to do in the darkness
and we must be prepared.

Empty yourself.
There is time.
Empty yourself.
There is a shining within you.
Empty yourself
For the new dream that is coming.

Blessed be.

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