Happy Goof Brains

Happiness is when you feel safe.
It’s when the boundary around you is set in a dependable way,
a way that coaxes you to let your guard down and blossom.

Then you don’t know what’s coming out
because all that good stuff about you has been in there so long,
all mashed together, face to face in the darkness like old magazine pictures and without your knowing it, giggling,
keeping the party going, waiting for you to have another go.

So then you come out and because you feel safe,
so many good things about you see the light of day,
fluttering like butterflies, bouncing into the bright spots of others
because the risk of being yourself isn’t so much anymore,
now that you know what safety feels like,
now that you are ready to do anything to keep it.

And what’s more, it’s contagious. All Hail, the Silliness!

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